law of attraction

Manifesting, Meditating and Money, Money, Money!

The thing about the Law of Attraction is it's not very clever.


Beauty and the Beast

There's no big scary gay thing about it and no one needs to panic, your little boys aren't going to "catch the gay" from watching this scene.

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Spring Cleaning

I have found myself looking for ways to Spring clean my life...


Ignorance is bliss

Carrie Grant, TV Presenter and Ambassador for Crohn's and Colitis UK had an altercation when trying to use a disabled loo at the Royal Albert Hall recently.

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To Do…

I know, that last one on the "to do list" has really got you intrigued, it's like an Eastenders dun dun: it's left you wanting more!


My 10km Surprise!

“oh sh*t he’s going to propose”


Dinosaurs, Mitchell’s and Demons… Oh my!

"I looked like a demon, I sounded like Phil Mitchell, I felt like I had a herd of elephants rolling around in my stomach and like I needed to sleep for at least a thousand years..."

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Meeting Zoella

...Like the American dream that everyone used to chase except now it's the Video Blog dream.

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I Have a Story to Tell… astrologer who predicts something awesome like the end of our existence or the birth of an almighty sorceress who takes over the world and orders everyone to love each other, watch musicals, eat cakes and have pet dogs…

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Dogs, Degrees and Daydreams

...I think it's been about a year since I last posted, ... I've cured my Crohn's and explored the world since then...